My name is Ingrid and I am a photographer. My favorite types of photography are those involving people. So let's say, I am a people photographer! During a project I was involved in, I came across a set of identical twins - 9 year old girls. We got chatting, and I instantly realised how really interesting and complex it is to be identical twins. Starting with the way the egg splits in the womb, through pregnancy and labour, and then growing up. And the complexity is not limited to the twins themselves, it effects everyone around them, parents, siblings, friends, teachers. A mother of identical twin girls told me: I was having a chat with my one daughter, and told her how beautiful she is. She replied; thank you, I might be beautiful, but I am not special. There is another one who looks just like me.

A lot of people see identical twins as a unit - they are "the twins". 

I think the biggest challenge the parents face is to make sure each one of the twins develop independent personalities and qualities.

As I continue the project I will update this website :)

Are you interested in being part of this project? Do you have identical twins/ are you an identical twin (Israel only)? Or do you have a blog/website that I can feature?

Please pop me an email: ingridmuller900@gmail.com



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